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Diego Maradona’s 10 definitive phrases: from “the goal was made by the hand of God” to “they cut off my legs”

Diego Maradona is and will be an emblematic character who dazzled the entire world on the pitch. A year after his death we relive ten sentences that reflect it at different moments in his career and in his personal life.

Diego Maradona left a broad legacy episodes historical e iconic responses to the press who represent him and show him as he was: controversial, unfiltered, irreverent, explosive, humorous, frontal and often contradictory.

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Therefore, some of his many statements endure over time. From “he drank the cat’s milk” (phrase with which he expressed his repudiation of then-FIFA president Joseph Blatter) to “pity no one, teacher” (which he told Sanfilippo on a television program).

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The ten iconic “10” phrases:

  • “Segurola and Havana”: “To Toresani, Segurola and Habana 4310, seventh floor”, that was the message that the Ten He dedicated Toresani to “El Huevo”, through which he invited the Santa Fe to settle differences.
  • They cut off my legs “: “I don’t want to dramatize, but believe me they cut off my legs,” Maradona told Channel 13 in 1994, when FIFA expelled him from the US World Cup for testing positive for ephedrine, among other banned substances.
  • “The ball does not get dirty”: Those were the words of the “10″, After his brief return to Argentine football, with Boca Juniors, in 1997. He organized a farewell match to his career in which he acknowledged his faults, but defended football on his mistakes. In the blue and gold jersey, before the crowd that filled the stadium that afternoon, Maradona said: “Soccer is the most beautiful and healthiest sport in the world. I was wrong and paid. But the ball is not stained ”.
  • “I swear on the Dalma and Giannina”: A phrase that he repeated since the birth of his first daughters in 1987 and 1989, with Claudia Villafañe.

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  • You have it inside“: At that time Maradona was the manager of the Argentine National Team. The phrase was done at a press conference prior to the World Cup in South Africa, and he dedicated it to the journalist Carlos “Toti” Pasman. In addition, he finished it off with another of his famous phrases: “Let them keep sucking it. I am black or white, I will not be gray in my life ”.
  • Beating River is like your mother waking you up with a kiss in the morning “: That statement reflects the enormous love that bound him to Boca and the feeling of beating your lifelong rival.
  • How did I score the goal? The hand of God did it”: Maradona was honest about that historical so much that it marked England in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. When journalists asked the Argentine star if the first goal had been with his hand, his answer went down in history.
  • The jerks are like ants, they are everywhere in the world“: Maradona said that statement in 2013, in the midst of a scandal that involved his ex-wife Rocío Oliva and Verónica Ojeda.
  • “If I die, I want to be born again and I want to be a footballer. And I want to be Diego Armando Maradona again. I am a player who has given people joy and that is enough for me and I have plenty of it “. He said it in 1992.
  • More false than a celestial dollar“: The phrase came up in 2006, and that is how he referred to a former member of his environment. It is recorded in one of the films about the life of “10”, thanks to the director, Javier Lúquez, who recorded the star for three years for his documentary “Armando Maradona.”

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