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Diego Maradona’s series on Amazon Prime

Maradona: Blessed Dream is one of the most outstanding premieres of the streaming service Amazon Prime Video this month, where we will have more interesting productions. If you are already looking forward to this fiction that was filmed more than two years ago and is only now coming to light, you should know everything about the characters and their actors. Check out the list of the main cast!

“The series follows the life of the famous Argentine soccer player Diego Armando Maradona, in different stages of his life, beginning at the beginning of his career in Villa Fiorito and in Argentinos Juniors. Then, he will narrate his stage of glory with the Argentine national team in the Cup World Cup in Mexico ’86 and his time at Naples. Then the story will focus on his stormy adult stage, telling his tribute in La Bombonera in 2001, his technical direction in the 2010 World Cup South Africa and his media scandals. Ending in a second time. season where his return to Argentina and subsequent death will be told “says the official synopsis of the show.

In total they will be 10 episodes that will begin airing from October 29 on the Amazon Prime Video platform. “Promise”, “Dictator”, “Machine”, “Judges” and “Roto” they will arrive on launch day; “Vesuvius” and “Free” will be on November 5; “Christian” On November 12; “Captain” on November 19 and the last chapter, called “God”, arrives on November 25, in commemoration of the first anniversary of the death of Maradona.

+ Who’s who in Maradona: Blessed Dream

– Nicolás Goldschmidt as Diego Maradona (adolescent)
He will be the one who embodies the golden kid in his beginnings in the sport and his subsequent debut in Argentinos Juniors, until he reaches the club of his dreams: Boca Juniors.

– Nazareno Casero is Diego Maradona (young)
After succeeding in Argentine football, he was transferred to Europe, where he made a stop in Barcelona and Naples before reaching the 1986 FIFA World Cup, where he touched the sky with his hands.

– Juan Palomino is Diego Maradona (Adult)
Already away from professional activity, he will continue to be linked with his emotional farewell at La Bombonera and by taking over the Argentine National Team, amid various scandals.

– Laura Esquivel is Claudia Villafañe (young)
She will play Diego’s first girlfriend and show the beginnings of the most iconic romance of his life.

– Julieta Cardinali is Claudia Villafañe (adult)
According to his description and the presentation clip, he will be in the most complicated moments of Maradona’s health.

– Mercedes Morán is Tota (adult)
Diego’s mother during her youth stage in the first steps to fulfill her dream.

– Pepe Monje is Chitoro (adult)
Better known as Don Diego, he is Maradona’s father.

– Peter Lanzani as Jorge Cyterszpiler
Diego’s first representative.

– Leonardo Sbaraglia is Guillermo Coppola (adult)
Maradona representative since 1985.

– Jean Pierre Noher as Guillermo Coppola (older adult)

– Darío Grandinetti as César Menotti
Coach of the Argentine National Team between 1974 and 1983.

– Marcelo Mazzarello is Carlos Bilardo
Coach of the Argentine National Team between 1983 and 1990.

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