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diferencias iPhone 13

We finally know all the new phones that Apple has shown in its Keynote 2021. The iPhone 13, Pro, Pro Max and Mini are called to be the great jewels of the company in this course 2021/2022, but despite their similar in design many wonder if there are differences between the new members of the new iPhone 13 family. Of course there are, and we are going to tell you all of them right below with everything

External differences between the new iPhone 13

One of the most obvious differences between the iPhone 13, Pro, Pro Max and Mini se sees nothing else in front of them. And it is that the size is noticeable between the small model and its other three brothers, the Pro Max being the most prodigious. If we start to measure, the difference is much more evident starting, from less to more, from 5.4 inches to 6.1 inches in the pro and standard versions to 6.7 inches.

Another important point is the finish of the colors, which is metallic in the two Pro versions and smooth in the iPhone 13 and Mini. In fact, continuing with this differentiation, the Pro terminals are the only ones that mount three lenses in the package on the back, which is square in all cases. If we look at the technical section, the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max series offer macro and telephoto capabilities that the other two lack. Of course, the cinematic mode is maintained in all models.

Same chip, different performance

As we mentioned this afternoon, The iPhone 13 come hand in hand with the A15 Bionic chip, which provides enormous power. The data moves with ease in all the terminals, the games are fluid and without jerks, even if you depend on the connection of your mobile with 5G or WiFi. The only difference is the capabilities.

And it is that the strongest models focus all their power when you do audiovisual work. In addition to being considered as a professional machine from which you can take images, videos and edit them in the same terminal to export them later, They feature professional Pro Res and Dolby Vision encoding.

differences iPhone 13

Space and prices

How could it be otherwise, the price is one of the differences between the new Apple terminals. And if we review this, the maximum space is also it since in the iPhone 13 and Mini it reaches up to 512 GB and this is doubled in the case of the Pro and Pro Max. The colors also change and, although each one has its own with its corresponding finish, the only one that has red in the PRODUCT Red series are the iPhone 12 and Mini.

If we talk about figures, from lowest to highest, prices range from $ 699 and $ 799 to the beginning of the higher prices starting at $ 999 to $ 1,099.


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