Digimon 02 and Digimon Ghost Game, new series and movie for the franchise

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Digimon is back twice. The event DigiFes 2021 announced this Sunday that the popular franchise will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Digimon Adventure 02 (the second generation) with a new movie, Digimon 02, which will focus on the figure of Daisuke Motomiya and the other characters of said second generation. Also, a new television series in anime form under the name of Digimon Ghost Game.

Digimon 02: new movie focused on the second generation

Digimon 02 will have Tomohisa Taguchi as director and Akatsuki Yamatoya as in charge of the script; the same couple that handled the phenomenal Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution movie Kizuna, now available on Amazon Prime Video. For now, the confirmed details of this feature film are scarce; only that it will be aimed at fans who saw Digimon Adventure 2. It does not have a release date. Its creators assure this generation of Digimon had a different appeal from the first due to the personality of its characters. Tai is not Daisuke, and they want him to be represented on the screen. Here below you can see a brief teaser trailer.

Digimon Ghost Game, the anime that premieres this fall

We continue with Digimon Ghost Game. This new anime will premiere in the fall – date to be confirmed – through Fuji TV and other channels to be confirmed. The first poster doesn’t offer many clues beyond mentions of ghosts and holograms. From left to right, these are the Digimon shown in the image: Angoramon, Gammamon, and Jellymon.

Soon we will know the total number of episodes of the film, its plot, place in the chronology and other noteworthy aspects of its technical team and creative purposes. The studio in charge of animation has not been confirmed either.

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Currently, the Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna movie and the Digimon Aventure 2020 TV series have been a breath of fresh air for the saga, the latter still being broadcast on Fuji TV, since it has recovered the essence that led to stardom of this popular fiction license, whose presence in the world of video games is equally extensive.

Source | Toei Animation; Anime News Network


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