Digital transformation in business reveals a wide gender gap

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Digital transformation in business reveals a wide gender gap

Miami, Jun 23 (EFE) .- The digital transformation in the business area has marked a notable gender gap in Latin America and the Caribbean, where companies led by women represent only 1% of the entire volume of electronic transactions , said specialists this Wednesday at the Miami-LAC 2021 forum.

Just as digital transformation became strategic for electronic commerce during the pandemic, with an increase of 157% in the region, “in value chains women represent a lower percentage than men,” Jessica Bedoya said in a panel, specialist from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), who organizes the forum.

Miami-LAC 2021 is the first business forum organized by the IDB to promote trade and investment opportunities between South Florida and the Latin American and Caribbean region.

One of the event panels today launched the Digital Transformation Challenge for Internationalization, as part of the Women Growing Together in the Americas program, which the IDB presented last March.

The panel inserted a debate on the importance of digital transformation as an “equalizer and catalyst” of companies led and / or owned by women in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Darren Ware, Mastercard vice president in charge of relations with the governments of Latin America and the Caribbean, said that, in his experience, there is a lack of “coordination, information and inspiration to help women.”

“Many have the capacity, but sometimes they don’t have the tools. They need information on how to make payments online,” Ware said, confirming the existence of “a gender gap in trust.”


An inspiring documentary was shown during the panel, in which Ariane Marzionna, Head of Supply Chain Management of the NEC technology group for Latin America, and Silvia ConstaĆ­n, from the financial multinational Visa took part.

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