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Digital twin: more transparent and efficient supply chains with Google

Google publishes the Supply Chain Twin tool and the Supply Chain Pulse module for its cloud. With the former, companies can create a digital twin. The second includes real-time dashboards, analytics on working with Google Workspace, and alerts on critical topics such as potential disruptions.

With the Supply Chain Twin, companies can create a mapping of the physical supply chain. They should be able to present them completely transparently and enrich them with alarm-controlled event management and analysis functions. Companies can do this Merge data from different sourcesto get a better overview of your supply chains. Suitable sources are supplier and partner systems, ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) and public sources such as weather data. According to Google, the tool takes less time to integrate partners than traditional API-based integration.

The Supply Chain Pulse module is integrated directly into the Google cloud. It offers various performance dashboards for analyzing the most important operating metrics. Users can set mobile alerts. The system triggers this as soon as important metrics reach user-defined thresholds. Users can also create shared workflows for quick collaboration in Google Workspace. In addition, the module also offers AI-controlled recommendations in response to events.

Google plans to work with system integrators such as Deloitte, Pluto7 and TCS to help logistics companies in industries such as retail, manufacturing and healthcare adopt supply chain twin. Supply Chain Twin and the Twin Pulse module are now available worldwide with restricted access. Google does not provide any information about the costs.

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