DIHK calls for better equipment in vocational schools

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The German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) has called on politicians to improve the digital equipment of vocational schools. DIHK President Peter Adrian told the German Press Agency: “If you go to vocational school here with us, in the Eifel or in the Hunsrück, then they often have a huge problem getting on the Internet or using digital structures. Because there is Still little available because they still have to work with copper cables. The vocational schools are often forgotten about projects like the digital pact. ” Adrian is an entrepreneur in Trier.

The digital infrastructure as a whole must be significantly improved. “Not even one percent of our business parks are fully connected to fiber optics. There are various reasons for this, which we have to deal with,” said Adrian. “If you compare that with other countries, it is of course remarkably bad for us.”

As for the 2021 apprenticeship year, Adrian said that it had developed slightly positively after the severe slump in 2020. “But we are not yet at the training figures that we had before Corona. It simply plays a role that the process of placement is very difficult, normal career orientation was hardly possible. I am confident that things will improve again in the next few years will.”

Thousands of apprenticeships remained unfilled because there were too few applicants. “We offer far more apprenticeship positions than we can fill. We must continue to work to ensure that families and young people have a different, positive basic understanding of dual vocational training.”


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