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The Flash: Director Confirms Most Surprising Cameo by a Superman Actor

Rumors about shocking cameos in The Flash are nothing new. And they’re something that will no doubt drive fans to go see the movie. Some returning characters from the past have been confirmed long ago, starting with Michael Keaton, who returns as Batman after three decades. Michael Shannon also returns as General Zod after a decade since his first appearance in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

Now, the director has confirmed the return of an actor who almost brought Superman to life 25 years ago. It goes without saying that if you want to avoid SPOILERS, don’t keep reading, and preferably refrain from social media in the coming weeks, as there are already quite a few spoilers for The Flash on the internet.

If you don’t have a problem with reading on, then you should already imagine the Superman actor we are talking about, one that several insiders had heard rumors about. In 1998 Nicolas Cage was about to give life to the Man of Steel in Superman Lives! a project that would be directed by Tim Burton, a director who had gained recognition for his two Batman films. But the film did not come to fruition, and Cage’s dream of giving life to Superman was frustrated, until in 2018 he was able to put his voice to work superhero in Teen Titans in Action: The Movie (83%).

However, few expected that the actor would also bring Superman to life in live-action, and that’s what we’ll see in The Flash, in a brief cameo that has been confirmed by director Andy Muschietti. In an interview with Esquire Middle East (via Variety), he said: “Nic was absolutely wonderful. Even though the role was a cameo, he was immersed in it… I’ve dreamed of working with him all my life. I hope to be able to work with him again soon. He is a huge Superman fan. A fan of comics.”

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For many, it is not news that Cage is a fan of the DC superhero, since his son is called Kal-El, which is the Kryptonian name of Clark Kent. Needless to say, we have no idea what his version of Superman will do in The Flash, but let’s not expect him to be very relevant. While Cage hasn’t been a part of today’s big superhero franchises, he has acted in movies of the genre, such as the two installments of Ghost Rider, the first installment of Kick-ass, and the animated feature films Teen Titans Go: The Movie and Spider-Man: a new universe.

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