Disco Elysium the Final Cut: physical date for PS4 and collector for PS5 for $ 250

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Disco Elysium: The Final Cut, the definitive version of the celebrated RPG of ZA / UM, specifies the launch of its version in physical format for PS4 after its arrival in digital format on all platforms. In addition, those responsible have reached an agreement with the publisher iam8bit to launch an exclusive and expensive collector’s edition for PS5 with all kinds of extras, available this winter with a price of nothing more and nothing less than $ 249.99.

Elysium disk: physical format for PlayStation

A) Yes, Afternoon Games will take care of the distribution of the physical version of Disco Elysium: The Final Cut for PlayStation 4, a title that will hit stores next November 9, 2021; reservations are now open to get one of the most celebrated RPGs of recent times on Blu-ray for the Sony console of the last generation.

In addition, this edition in physical format will not be limited to disk only, but will include a pop-up poster (18 “x24”) and a digital code to download a generous art book over 190 pages. Its price: 39,95 euros. And for those who want to enjoy the improvements for PS5, they can run the title on the new Sony console and download the graphic patch completely free of charge. But there is still more.

And is that if you are a true fan of the ZA / UM video game and you can afford it, you may be interested in the complete collector’s edition for PlayStation 5 which will go on sale this winter on a specific date yet to be announced through the official website from the publisher iam8bit, with a not inconsiderable price of $ 249.99. This fantastic edition includes the following extras:

  • Caja premium Layers of the Id.
  • Hand-painted Mid Totem vinyl sculpture.
  • Hardcover art book of more than 190 pages that includes artistic illustrations and unpublished stories.
  • Illustrated map of the Martinaise District.
  • Disco Elysium The Final Cut physical edition for PlayStation 5 with a reversible cover, housed in a carrying case.
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This edition is Region Free Compatible with all PS5 systems worldwide.

Source | Afternoon Games | iam8bit


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