Discord will soon let you watch YouTube videos with friends

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Multimedia messaging applications are among the most important when it comes to establishing communications with other users, whether they are known or not. If they already put you in new groups, surely you can meet people, but the most important thing is to share things with all the members willingly and that is why many will take advantage soon the new Discord feature for watching YouTube videos with friends.

Discord will debut a new feature to share videos with friends

You may not have heard it before, but if you are looking for a crowd meeting application, this is Discord. The one that emerged as a replacement for TeamSpeak for many has saved the meeting sessions with their friends during the pandemic, but for many it was perfect to play. And it is that its chat rooms in which you enter directly if you have the permissions is very comfortable for teams or large groups of users.

In addition, robots automate many functions that helped administrators and users themselves, although some have disappeared. Users will miss those who play multimedia content, but they will soon enjoy a new feature with which they can share a video to watch and listen to it all together.

The feature already has a name for what it counts HowToGeek, And it is Watch Together or ‘see together’ as it would be said in Spanish. There are applications that allow these types of functions, but this is the time it reaches the purple application.

Yes, the ads will play

You may be wondering if the new Discord feature will work the same as bots, and the answer is no. It is clear that the robots that played multimedia content will enhance those gatherings of friends with a little music, but some have disappeared.

Instead, you can always use this feature so that everyone will listen to the same music at the same time. Of course, the commercials will be produced, so it may cut the atmosphere a bit. You will have to be attentive to pass it to the five seconds of playback. We will still have to wait to know when this new capacity will arrive in the application, so we will have to wait for its arrival.


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