“Discover Hiba Abouk’s clear priorities amid her divorce dispute”

Hiba Abouk Opens Up About Her Children Amidst Legal Dispute

It has been three weeks since Hiba Abouk spoke about her personal situation, where she revealed the separation from her husband and father of her two children, Achraf Hakimi. The actress broke her silence after learning about the footballer’s accusation for an alleged crime of sexual assault on a young woman, which added even more pain to the situation.

Since then, Abouk has taken refuge in her circle of friends and loved ones, with special dedication to her children Amin and Naím. In a recent post on her public profile, the actress makes it clear that her children are what truly matters to her.

This post comes amidst a legal dispute over the financial terms of their divorce. According to reports, Abouk was informed that Hakimi had put all his earnings into his mother’s name for years, leaving nothing to divide between them. The PSG winger has not yet commented on this news.

Abouk has been open about her attachment to Madrid, where she may move with her children. She recently enjoyed a family plan in Paris and has relied on good friends like Pelayo Díaz during these difficult times.

Despite everything, Abouk has remained dedicated to her children, as evidenced by the beautiful snapshots of them shared on her public profile. The last few months have been especially challenging for her, but she remains strong for her little ones amidst the legal dispute with her ex-partner.

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