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Discover how Patricia Sañes unlocked her unique personal style

Meet Patricia Sañes, one of the most popular fashion bloggers in Spain who has earned a loyal following thanks to her bold and creative looks. Besides fashion, she has a passion for contemporary art which reflects in her unique, inspiring style. Recently, she collaborated with Louis Vuitton to bring summer’s hottest trends to Marbella where the fashion house has a luxurious store at the Marbella Club Hotel. In a HELLO! magazine interview, she talked about her personal style, fashion choices, and her new book, “Fashion, Contemporary Art, and Social Media.”

Who is Patricia Sañes?

Patricia Sañes is a fashion journalist and blogger based in Spain known for her daring fashion choices and ability to mix prints and colors in unique ways. Her style is characterized by oversized silhouettes, midi heels, and babydoll dresses. She is also passionate about contemporary art, which influences her fashion sense.

Patricia Sañes x Louis Vuitton

Patricia recently teamed up with Louis Vuitton to bring summer’s hottest trends to Marbella. Louis Vuitton has a luxurious store in the prestigious Marbella Club Hotel and Patricia collaborated with them to showcase some of the latest trends. She also talked about the Capucines bag painted by the artist Yayoi Kusama, which she loves to wear with a sixties-style dress in neutral tones.

Mixing prints and colors

Patricia is known for her ability to mix prints and colors in unique ways. When asked about her secret, she stressed the importance of feeling comfortable with what you wear and the fact that there are no rules in fashion except those dictated by your own sense of style.

Personal style

Patricia’s personal style is a reflection of her colorful personality. She loves to mix prints and colors, wear oversized silhouettes, babydoll dresses, and midi heels. She also prefers flats or sneakers to heels, which she finds overdressed. Her mother has been a big source of inspiration, and she loves to incorporate masculine touches into her outfits.

New book

Patricia is working on a new book titled “Fashion, Contemporary Art, and Social Media”. The book promises to be a fascinating insight into the world of fashion and art, and how social media has shaped the industry. Patricia promises to deliver an extreme character-driven narrative that will appeal to fashion and art lovers alike.

In conclusion, Patricia Sañes has a unique sense of style that has earned her a massive following. Her ability to mix prints and colors, love for oversized silhouettes, and passion for contemporary art make her one of the most exciting fashion bloggers in Spain. She has collaborated with Louis Vuitton to bring summer’s hottest trends to Marbella, and her new book promises to be a must-read for fashion and art lovers.

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