“Discover María Marín’s Ultimate Beauty Secrets for a Regal Look at 60!”

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“I turned 60 and that’s when I feel most confident, beautiful and sexy,”

reveals María Marín in an exclusive interview that you can see in the video above, where the cheerful and radiant Hispanic motivator, who has more than 11 million followers on Facebook, he tells us how he prepared to turn 60 and confess this figure for the first time, with total pride.

“I had never revealed my age,” says María, who chose the moment to do so when she reached her sixth decade of life. feeling fabulous.

So fabulous that she recently shared a tremendous bikinazo on networks! A motivator like her, who has been a breast cancer survivor, has been managing her diabetes since she was ten years old, she applies positivism daily as a formula for life, because she knows that everything starts from the beginning. interior, even beauty.

Maria Marin “Self-love is what makes you feel happy with who you are and what you have and this motivates your desire to take care of your physique and your health,” she explains.

Her care routine shows us that It is possible to have wonderful skin regardless of age. That does require discipline, and as important advice to regenerate and repair the body sleep the required eight hours a day. With good good allies it also complements the daily routine and that is why it has developed its own line of products to feel beautiful, seductive and healthy.

One of them is their Elixir Silk Face Anti-aging Serum or silk serum that is applied religiously to hydrate the skin and achieve a quinceañera luminosity. “Once you start using it you will notice that your face changes immediately.” Its formula has molecules from the silkworm cocoon in a rich infusion with olive oil, amino acids and proteins, and can be found on her website tienda.mariamarin.comMaria Marin

One of her most valuable tips to look radiant and full of energy is always stay active and never say: “When I retire,

she says. “There is no such thing as retirement!” Continue reading the story And to top it off, another of her special recommendations is to maintain and cultivate good and positive relationships. “It has been discovered that people who maintain good relationships with their friends and family are happier and live longer.” unique and special.

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