“Discover Nailea Norvind’s Candid Revelations About Her Relationship with a Man 17 Years Her Junior”

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Nailea Norvind Is Proud of Her Romance With 17-Year-Younger Partner

Nailea Norvind, a renowned actress and TV personality, recently shared her love story with her current partner, Patricio Mercades, on social media. The two were seen enjoying themselves on the beach and attracted all kinds of reactions from netizens. While some were applauding their bravery, others were critical of their age difference.

But Nailea was quick to set the record straight, stating in a Ventaneando interview that they had never tried to hide their relationship, and it had been going on for over a year and a half. “People say we’ve been hiding, but nothing could be further from the truth. We’ve been happy together, and everyone who’s seen us at red carpets or premieres can attest to that,” she said.

Nailea also weighed in on the public perception of modern relationships, arguing that society’s traditional models were becoming obsolete. “We are already in very modern times, right? The model that was established of how we have to relate in love and as couples and as marriages and everything is already a bit obsolete,” she said.

Patricio Mercades, for his part, gushed about his new partner, describing her as wise, intelligent, and experienced. “She is the wisest, most intelligent and experienced woman I have ever been with, and it is impressive how much I have grown all this time with her,” he said.

Nailea, on the other hand, was impressed with her partner’s curiosity about life and passion for healthy living. “It’s amazing how much I’ve learned from someone younger than me. I love Patricio’s curiosity about life, which he brings me,” she said.

In conclusion, Nailea Norvind is sending a clear message to the world that age is just a number, and love knows no bounds. With mutual respect and consent, anyone can find happiness and fulfillment in a relationship, even if it breaks from traditional societal norms.

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