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California Dream For All Program: A Solution to the Potential Homeownership Crisis

The United States has been struggling with its economy due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, many experts fear that a new homeownership crisis may arise in the country. In response to this potential crisis, the state of California created the California Dream For All Program. This program, provided by CalHFA, aims to help eligible homebuyers by providing them with down payment assistance.

Shared Appreciation Loan

Through the California Dream For All Program, homebuyers can receive a Shared Appreciation Loan to help them meet up to 20% of the listing price of their home. The best part is that they do not need to make monthly interest payments on the loan. With a higher down payment, the primary mortgage amount decreases, resulting in significantly lower monthly payments. This can also help homebuyers avoid expensive primary mortgage insurance and higher interest rates.


Homebuyers need not worry about the process as Landed is available to provide all the assistance they need. Landed offers homebuying education resources, access to real-time financial advice, and an introduction to agents and lenders. Landed aims to help eligible homebuyers take advantage of the California Dream For All Program as soon as it becomes available to them.


To be eligible for the California Dream For All Program, individuals must complete an approved education course and homebuying counseling. Additionally, they can register with Landed to connect with a CalHFA-approved lender. First-time homebuyers with household incomes at or below the CalHFA income limits are eligible for the program. They must also use a Dream for All conventional first mortgage and have completed an accepted homebuyer education and counseling course.

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The California Dream For All Program provides an excellent solution to the potential homeownership crisis. With the help of CalHFA and Landed, eligible homebuyers need not worry about the process and can take advantage of the program. If you want to own your dream home in California, this program can be your chance to achieve it.

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