“Discover Temporal’s Seasonal Banquet: Indulge in the Spring Menu”

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Cooking: An Art That Requires Time and Patience

Cooking is an art that has been perfected over time, and although nowadays it is easy to find fast food that responds to immediacy, the true essence of cooking requires your time, detail, and patience. As in any art, in order to recover the important values ​​of each food, it is necessary to respect the temporalities, seasons, and the ingredients that are presented to us in each of them. You have to remember to value the time and patience it takes to create dishes of high quality and flavor. This is the core value of Temporal.

Experience the Flavors of Each Season at Temporal

If you are looking for a place that allows you to enjoy the flavors of each season, I recommend Temporal, the restaurant of chef Diego Pérez Turner. This is a jewel in La Condesa, right on the corner of Calle Saltillo and Av. Vicente Suárez, which offers a unique culinary experience renewed every season. Its menu changes every three months, in sync with the seasons of the year, and always is renewing its dishes to offer fresh and creative options to its diners. So if you want to experiment with new flavors and value the time it takes to create an unforgettable gastronomic experience, Temporal is the perfect place for you.

Diego Pérez Turner: The Chef Who Turns Time into Flavor

Diego Pérez Turner, the chef who turns time into flavor, knows that creativity is the secret ingredient that makes each dish something special. With extensive culinary experience and a mix of English, French, and Mexican influences, he has built a concept of authentic signature cuisine, with traditional roots but with creative and modern ramifications.

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As human beings, we are beings of habit, and the Chef knows it. For this reason, his menu is built based on the cravings that come to our body, which he knows well what he wants and needs in each season. With this idea in mind, he opened Temporal in 2014, a restaurant that is inspired by temporalities and constant changes.

Seasonal Delights: Discover the Flavor of Spring in the Temporal Menu

The Animal Gourmet team immersed themselves in a culinary experience that transported us through the flavors of spring in the Temporal Menu. Chef Diego Pérez Turner and his team showed their mastery of signature cuisine with a proposal that left us wanting to return.

The Kampachi macerated with soy sauce and lemon guava soda with basil leaves was the first indication that we were facing a fresh and original proposal. The raw kampachi with lemon soy sauce that followed, accompanied by crispy cucumber slices and seaweed powder, was an explosion of flavors in every bite.

The smoked trout with vegetables, fresh trout smoked at the moment, with its roasted broccoli and cauliflower collar, presented on the plate a true spring still life, very green and full of vegetables.

The real surprise came with dessert: Rhubarb pie with frangipane sponge, rhubarb, ginger and pear compote with a crumble of almond. It also did not have much to envy its exquisite tiramisu, cocoa, and mascarpone cheese crème brulee, which is served with a delicious cardamom ice cream that (as far as we know) is one of the stars of the house.

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An Unforgettable Culinary Experience with Temporal

In short, Temporal’s Spring Menu is a gastronomic experience that you cannot miss. A unique proposal, with seasonal ingredients, and a touch of creativity and originality that only Diego Pérez Turner and his team know how to give. It is an excellent plan to enjoy the weekend, celebrate some important date, or simply enjoy a delicious dish that makes you stop time and feel in the “here and now”.

Location and Contact Information

Address: Saltillo 1, Hipódromo
Phone: 55 5211 5477
Website: Temporalrest

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