“Discover the Exceptional Trade of Luis Rubio – His Journey in Television and Cinema”

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Luis Rubio: The “SME of Humor”

Luis Rubio is a multi-talented individual who works as an actor, scriptwriter, host, and producer. He is self-managed by nature and enjoys defining himself as an “SME of humor”. With more than thirty years of experience and six Martín Fierro awards to his name, he premiered the second season of Pares de comedia, a humor program on Net TV, in April 2021. The show has a renewed dynamic and set design and is hosted by Rubio alongside Kiki Petrone and a team of writers and producers every Sunday at 2:00 p.m.

“Pares de comedia was born from the need to meet another comedian to talk about the work of doing humor, which is nothing more than doing humor,” says Luis Rubio about the program. Guests with a long history in Argentine humor such as Raúl Becerra, Jorgelina Aruzzi, and Pablo Fábregas have already appeared on the show. The program has high levels of reproduction on its YouTube profile, and upcoming guests include Chino Volpato, members of Les Luthiers, Gustavo Garzón, and Diego Korol.

Rubio is also well-known for his character Eber Ludueña, which he created while hosting the show Mar de fondo on TyC Sports in 2002. The character quickly became a media phenomenon, and his YouTube channel @eberludueniaTV has over 25 million views and 83 thousand subscribers. Beyond his on-screen work, Rubio has deepened his facet as a film actor, and he starred in the biographical series Maradona, blessed dream, and the comedy film Tangalanga method.

Rubio’s humor is white, and he always tries to talk about humor but make the result humorous. He explains, “no one’s private life is aired here, it’s just about analyzing this trade and trying to make a program about humor, but one that’s not boring. That is, we try to talk about humor, but that the result is humorous. It’s not easy, but I think something works out for us.” In a society where laughter is scarce, Rubio hopes that humor will continue to fuel our daily lives.

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