“Discover the Galaxy’s Finest: 10 Intriguing Insights on Star Wars: Episode VI”

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10 Curiosities of Star Wars: Episode VI – The Return of the Jedi that every fan should know

The closure of the original Star Wars trilogy reached 4 decades of life. The fact that movies like Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (80%) remain current and firm as movie icons is a statement that what started with George Lucas is one of a kind and something to behold. Many could hardly dream of achieving. All those years later, the franchise has not only expanded with video games, comics and other types of merchandise and new stories but also represents a new opportunity to see the productions that started it with new eyes.

Although for both the public and critics Episode VI is the “lowest” point of this first part of the Skywalker saga, that does not mean that it is actually a hated or ignored film. On the contrary, the conclusion to the initial arc of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), the adventures of Leia (Carrie Fisher) and Han Solo (Harrison Ford), as well as the final battle between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire is a classic of the cinema that received the status it has in its own right.

Like any Star Wars movie, there are many interesting facts related to its development and production, which involve its makers, actors and other crew members, right down to what the film could have been. Achieving each of the installments was not an easy task, and for this article, we have selected the best curious facts about Episode VI, and we will tell you about that below:

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1. George Lucas wanted Steven Spielberg as director

Steven Spielberg was the most popular name for the project, but did not join the franchise. Due to his friendship and understanding as filmmakers, it seemed the most logical option, since Lucas was looking for a director, and it was his first choice when he was developing the film. However, a problem arose: Spielberg was a member of the Directors Guild of America (DGA) at the time, but Lucas was not, and the union was not happy with the fact that these Lucasfilm productions did not have opening credits, so that they refused to allow their members to work on Return of the Jedi. For that reason, another director had to be found.

2. The Origin of Leia’s Bikini

It is said that George Lucas did not want Princess Leia to be just a damsel in distress who was also attractive to viewers. When actor Carrie Fisher felt that in the previous films “you could not tell that she was a woman”, that claim led to the filmmaker to think of something else. When he showed it to her, she didn’t like that the bikini was so revealing and not her style, but that he had no choice but to wear it. In the end, she did so as eventually her character would be free of her tormentor and she could taste revenge by using the chains to kill him.

3. David Lynch and David Cronenberg were considered to direct the film

David Cronenberg said no to directing the Star Wars film to work on Invaded Bodies (80%), his film that was also released in 1983. David Lynch was contacted for this production, but he also refused.

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4. Originally, Leia was not the sister of Luke

Star Wars could have been very different than what we have and we are aware of this because George Lucas himself has spoken about the sequels that he would have done, and all the other elements that he once considered for the Episode IV. His plans changed remarkably this time. As The Secret History of Star Wars notes, “Lucas reassured the audience that everything was proceeding according to long-drawn plans, but behind closed doors, history was undergoing fundamental changes at an accelerated rate.”

5. Return of the Jedi ended with Luke Looking for His Sister (sequel trilogy)

According to Gary Kurtz, producer of Episode V, the Other, Luke’s sister, Nelleth, was intended to be a main character in the sequel trilogy. Only in Episode IX of her would the Emperor have been defeated.

6. Harrison Ford wanted his character to be killed off, and that was part of George Lucas’s original plan

Writer Lawrence Kasdan agreed with him and wanted to kill Han off in the first act so audiences wouldn’t be sure who would survive. In the original plan of 9 episodes, it was mentioned that in Episode VI “Leía would be chosen as queen of her town and that Han Solo would die.”

7. Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber Changed to Green

They are probably the most recognizable elements of Star Wars, and in the last installment of the original trilogy, Luke Skywalker surprised everyone by showing himself with a new one. The protagonist put aside the blue lightsaber for a green one.

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8. Production Had to Design a New Puppet for Yoda

Giant animatronic puppets had been used in the previous films, but the small size of Yoda forced them to design a new puppet made of foam latex which reduced the weight and complexity of the puppet.

9. The Ewok Adventure Films Were Created as Spin-offs

The Ewoks were so popular that they got their own spin-off movies, including Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure (1984) and Ewoks: The Battle for Endor (1985), which are recognized by the highest fans but were only modest successes.

10. Mark Hamill Nearly Died in the Sarlacc Pit

The scene in which Luke falls into the Sarlacc pit was filmed in Yuma, Arizona. At one point, Hamill fell headfirst into the pit and almost couldn’t free himself in time. He said that they had to use a rope to pull him out.

These are just a few of the many curiosities that surrounded the production of Star Wars: Episode VI – The Return of the Jedi. With this iconic film reaching its 40th anniversary, it’s clear that the impact and influence of this franchise will continue to be felt for a long time to come.

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