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Dancing 2023: The Two International Figures Who Join the Contest Are Revealed

In July 2023, one of the most anticipated premieres by fans of national television will arrive on the small screen. After leaving eltrece and ending his brief period away from the cameras, Marcelo Tinelli will land in America with a new edition of Dancing.

Looking ahead to the debut on a new channel and while waiting for the publication of the exact date, the question that resonates the most is which figures will put their skills to the test on the big dance floor? On the night of LAM (America), they added three new names to the confirmed list.

Marcelo Tinelli confirmed his departure from eltrece a couple of months ago and signed his entry to America where, in addition to being a conductor, he is also in charge of the artistic direction.

On the same line, 12 of the celebrities who will compete for the coveted prize have already been announced, including Camila Homs, Anabel Sánchez, Juli Castro, Walter “Alfa” Santiago, Coti Romero, Tomás Holder, and more.

Furthermore, they assure that they are waiting for confirmation from Marixa Balli, who is said to be considering joining the show.

In the last hours, LAM (America) released three more names, two of which are about international figures. Guido Zaffora, currently working on Intruders, Top Ten, and Radio Continental, was the first name.

The other two names are Maximiliano de la Cruz, the Uruguayan comedian, actor and host, and Fernanda Sosa, the Uruguayan model and influencer, who was crowned Miss Atlántico Uruguay in 2009.

With a star-studded cast and the return of Tinelli himself, Dancing 2023 promises to be an exciting season for fans of this popular dance competition.

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