“Discover the Key Elements of Operación Triunfo’s New Season with Chenoa as Host”

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Operación Triunfo Makes a Comeback with New Features

The popular musical talent show, Operación Triunfo, will be available on the Prime Video platform at the end of 2023. The format of the show has incorporated some new features into its dynamics to surprise viewers, but it has also maintained some of the elements that made it famous.

Chenoa Takes Over as Presenter

Chenoa will act as master of ceremonies, taking over from Roberto Leal, who was the presenter in the last three editions. Chenoa returns to her house 22 years later, adding to her responsibilities as a presenter. A responsibility that she faces with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

Veteran ‘Teachers’ Return

Part of the faculty is made up of very loved and popular faces. Noemí Galera will be responsible for the castings and the director of the Academy; Manu Guix will be the musical director, Mamen Márquez the vocal coach who will help them refine and bring out their full potential, and Vicky Gómez the choreographer.

‘Gala 0’

Before the contest officially starts, two ‘Gala 0’ programs will be broadcast with the 18 casting finalists. It will be their first contact with the audience, and there will also be eliminated, since four of them will have to say goodbye to the experience.

90-Minute Galas, Post-Gala, and Daily Summary

The galas will last a total of 90 minutes, and when they return to the Academy, there will be a post gala in which the contestants will be able to say goodbye to their eliminated partner. In addition, there will be a special program in which all the information of the day will be summarized with live commentators that will analyze everything that happens inside the house and interact with users of social networks.

New Scenario and Open Castings

Nothing will be changed in the expulsion mechanics, but this moment of sadness and tension will be experienced in a new and innovative setting. All those who wish can attend the castings that will take place in different parts of Spain. The first date is July 3 in Barcelona, and the route will continue all summer. For those who do not want to wait in line, they can upload an a cappella cover to their public profiles and win a VIP pass.

Operación Triunfo will continue to bring excitement, entertainment, and surprises to the viewers, and fans are eagerly waiting for its return.

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