“Discover the Magic of ‘Phenomena’ with Belén Rueda, Gracia Olayo, and Toni Acosta on Netflix!”

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Gracia Olayo, Belén Cuesta and Toni Acosta make their way onto Netflix screens this April 14 with the release of Phenomena. The film tells the story of a group of investigators looking into a possible case of paranormal activity in an apartment in Madrid during the 90s. As the story unfolds, Jesuit father Girón (played by Emilio Gutiérrez Caba) joins the investigators to determine if the strange events in the house are supernatural or the result of a superstitious community.

Directed by Carlos Theron and written by Fernando Navarro and Marta Buchaca, Phenomena is based on the real-life Hepta group, a team of researchers chasing the unknown since 1987. With the help of the Hepta group’s recordings of the unexplained, the movie promises to unravel a world of unexplained and strange phenomenon.

During promotion for the film, Belén Rueda shared that she had spoken with individuals from the real-life Hepta group – Sol, Piedad, and Paloma – while preparing for her role in Phenomena. She explained that the group still exists and continues to give lectures. Rueda shared some of her personal beliefs, revealing that despite having doubts, she believes that there is something out there beyond our current understanding.

Actor Emilio Gutérrez Caba also spoke about the film’s paranormal theme, stating that he believes in the possibility of other dimensions. He shared a personal experience where he had to stop reading tarot cards when he discovered an illness in a person during a reading.

Phenomena draws inspiration from the Hepta’s real-life documented case of El baúl del monje, an event that remains one of the most documented paranormal happenings the group has ever experienced. The film’s mix of mystery, comedy, and supernatural elements includes an impressive cast, including Juana Acosta, Paz Vega, Ricardo Gómez, Iván Massagué, Miren Ibarguren, Óscar Ortuño, Lorena López, and Antonio Pagudo.

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Produced by Nadie es perfecto, Phenomena is set to take audiences on a hilarious yet supernatural journey. Missing out on this mesmerizing experience would be a great loss for those fond of unexplainable happenings and supernatural phenomena.

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