“Discover the Perfect Travel Companion: Crocs Sandals on Sale After My 6-Month Journey”

My Experience as a Digital Nomad and What Sandals to Wear

During 2021, I took advantage of the fact that I could work remotely and travelled for 6 months. Among the places where I spent the most time were New York, Bogot√°, Santa Marta (an island in the Colombian Caribbean) and Cali.

The Perfect Sandals

Before starting my journey I made an investment that was worth it: buy Crocs sandals like these, because they are versatile, comfortable, they don’t leave peeling, they can get wet without problems and they look good to go out at night. To be honest, when travelling for such a long time you have to take as little as possible because you only pay for one suitcase. So these Crocs sandals were perfect, like a three or four in one.

Crocs Sandals Varieties

This model of shoes that I used is unisex, and offers a variety of eight colors: white, lilac, grapefruit, yellow, red, black, totally black with glitter and animal print. The design also causes the price of the sandals to vary, for example, at this moment, this model is on sale.

Durable Sandals

After two years I am still using these sandals to go to the sea and their quality remains intact. Last time I wore them while I was paddle boarding in the sea, and I was in them so long that I now have a beautiful tan from the strap marks. Next time, I put sunscreen on the top of my foot. However, these sandals have saved me from burning the soles of my feet when I walk, so I give them a 10!

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The Crocs Tulum Sandals

The new model of Crocs Tulum Sandals for women is now available in the United States. The best thing about these sandals is that they are non-slip and the heel measures approximately 0.74″, which provides support and cushioning when you walk. You will notice that the texture of the rubber is super soft and gentle on the skin that sometimes You can easily hurt yourself with new shoes on the heel or on the heel, but with these sandals you will forget about that. You can use them to bathe, go to the beach, go into the sea, visit a restaurant or walk on the street. city, they dry up in no time.

Where to Get Them?

This sandal is no longer available in the United States, where a new version with a more delicate design is now offered. However, you can get it on Amazon Mexico and with a discount of almost 40% on black Crocs sandals.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good pair of sandals when travelling, they can make or break your trip. Choose wisely and enjoy your travels!

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