“Discover the Reason Behind Why Ana Layevska Hasn’t Pursued Hollywood Stardom From Mexico”

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Ana Layevska’s Hollywood Dreams: A Talent Waiting to Shine

Ana Layevska is a Ukrainian-born actress whose family roots hail from Russia. Although Layevska was only nine when she moved to Mexico, she has expressed her love for the country, which has become her home. She has established a career on Mexican television and film, playing lead and antagonist roles with an impressive level of talent and authenticity.

Despite her success in Mexico, Layevska has confessed that her ultimate dream is to break into Hollywood. Like other Mexican actors who have made it big in the U.S. (such as Diego Boneta and Eiza González), Layevska’s challenge largely lies in her command of the English language. She believes this has been a barrier to her success and has made it harder for her to book international roles.

After starring in the Netflix series, “War of Neighbors,” Layevska has demonstrated that she’s a talent waiting to shine. She is fluent in three languages, including English, Russian, and Spanish, and has a slim and striking appearance. She also possesses a great talent in playing the violin and piano, which was demonstrated in the award-winning film, “Sometime We Will Have Wings.”

In a recent interview, Layevska said, “There are some things that I would like to achieve, I would like to do more international projects with actors that I admire from Hollywood. I don’t know, work on a big picture project.” She believes her lack of Native American ancestry and not speaking English as her first language have contributed to her difficulties in securing international roles. However, she acknowledged that not living in key locations like Los Angeles or London has also been a limiting factor.

Despite these challenges, Layevska remains committed to her dream of working in Hollywood but acknowledges that her family situation with two young children makes it difficult to move. In her acceptance speech at the 2015 Barbie Awards, Layesvka thanked her fans for their support and urged women to continue pursuing their dreams. “Thank you for this recognition. I dedicate it to all the women who fight for their dreams, because we are strong and we achieve everything we want,” she said.

Layevska remains optimistic and hopes to one day be given the opportunity to work in Hollywood, showcasing her impressive talent and versatility.

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