Discover the Stunning Moments of ‘Sálvame Fashion Week’: A Glamorous Showcase of and Elegance!

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Sálvame Fashion Week: Emotional and Surprising

A few weeks after the end of Sálvame, the fourth and last edition of Sálvame Fashion Week took place on Friday, and it was possibly the most emotional one. The gala had everything: parades, musical performances and many surprises, as well as nerves and emotions that were palpable in all presenters and collaborators.

The Beginning

The program began with the collaborators walking down the catwalk while wearing shirts with a message for the audience and senior Mediaset officials. Then Belén Esteban burst out in the middle of the initial presentation to thank Mediaset for letting them do the TV that has made many people happy for 14 years.

Belén Esteban Stole the Show

Belén Esteban was one of the most jubilant collaborators of the evening. She was particularly excited to turn into Rosalía and dress in one of Lola Flores’s mythical costumes. Her parade in a swimsuit was undoubtedly one of the most applauded moments of the night. Although at first, she was not going to parade in a bathing suit because they had not brought a model of her size, the collaborator was offered one, and she eventually paraded with all the spectators standing.

Injury on Stage

The mishap of the night was suffered by Terelu Campos, who broke a toe before the parade. Although this did not prevent the collaborator from going out on the catwalk to show her best clothes, her sister, Carmen Borrego, refused to cross the catwalk in period clothing, one of the most fascinating themes of the night.

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A Brilliant Win

The audience, with their votes through the Telecinco website, decided that Cristina Porta was the winner of the fourth and last Sálvame Fashion Week. Kiko Hernández received the most compliments from the jury, which was made up of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Pelayo Díaz, and Samantha Hudson, who evaluated all those who participated in the different parades.

Sálvame Fashion Week was an emotional and surprising event, full of fantastic parades, musical performances, and many surprises. The event brought together some of the most prominent TV personalities from the program, who delighted the audience with their great performances.

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