“Discover the Surprising Relationship Benefits of Masturbation!”

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Masturbation is often seen as a solitary act, but it can bring many benefits to a couple’s relationship. In fact, according to a recent survey from Gleeden, a platform for extramarital dating, 79% of Mexican women surveyed claimed that masturbation complemented their sexual relations as a couple. Expert sexologists from the platform even argue that “women who masturbate have much happier relationships, compared to those who do not.” But what are the benefits of partner masturbation?

Strengthening the Connection

Partner masturbation can facilitate communication between both members of the couple, as it provides a way to explain to one’s partner how they like to be touched. “By sharing such an intimate moment, verbalizing our tastes, respecting those of others… what we are doing is respecting the diversity and differentiation of each person. Partner masturbation is a way to improve communication thanks to the emotional involvement and respect that it shows,” explains Luis Enrique Santos, a psychologist, sex, and couples therapist.

Improved Intimacy

Partner masturbation can provide deep emotional involvement, as well as physical pleasure. It can help solve some challenges, such as penetration being unsatisfactory, and it can also lead to more intense orgasms. Furthermore, partner masturbation is a way to enjoy oneself from other perspectives, as suggested by the Karezza method.

Dispelling Myths

Despite commonly-held misconceptions, masturbation does not mean that one is unsatisfied with their partner. Rather, research shows that masturbation can be healthy in relationships, complementing sexual activities for those who already have satisfying sex in their lives. However, it should not replace shared sexual activity unless both members of the couple have agreed to it.

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How to Raise the Idea

While broaching the topic of partner masturbation may seem daunting, it can strengthen a couple’s bond. Santos advises that it’s important to keep in mind that proposing partner masturbation is fostering a moment of great physical and emotional intimacy. It’s essential to establish a level of communication where both partners feel safe and comfortable. This can include details such as lighting, clothing, and place, and involves exploring without judgment.

In conclusion, partner masturbation is a way to strengthen a couple’s emotional and physical connection. It facilitates communication, intimacy, and dispels common misconceptions. Ultimately, it can lead to happier relationships.

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