“Discover the Unmasked Identity of Ana Milan: The Talented Actress Behind the Mask Singer’s Cupcake!”

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Slipping into one of Mask Singer’s costumes is quite a challenge

On top of the already difficult task of keeping the fact that you’re on the show a secret, slipping into one of Mask Singer’s costumes is no easy feat. The brave individuals who embark on the program always highlight this challenge, but they also admit to having a great time. The latest contestant to be unmasked, actress Ana Milán, was hiding under the Cupcake costume. Despite a few mishaps during her time on the show, she was happy with her experience.

The definitive clue that revealed Cupcake’s identity

During Cupcake’s performance of the theme “Barbie Girl” by Aqua, there were enough clues for seasoned investigators Ana Obregón and Mónica Naranjo to discover her true identity. The modulation of Cupcake’s voice, with both high and low tones, stood out. Javier Ambrossi pointed out that Ana Milán has experience in dubbing, making her a likely candidate. The four investigators unanimously pressed the “informer” button, confirming that Cupcake was indeed Ana Milán.

The toll the costume took on Ana Milán

Besides playing with her voice to mislead the investigators, wearing the Cupcake costume also had physical consequences for Ana Milán. She revealed that she still had a contracture in her trapezius muscle from the weight of the costume. The suit was so heavy that they had to put chairs to support the weight while she was still. With a touch of humor, she compared the weight of the suit to “seven children.”

Investigating the remaining masks

The final has introduced new masks, including Gorilla, Fairy, and Baby. The identities of these contestants remain unknown, and the investigators are still speculating. So far, Javier Calvo and Mónica Naranjo have correctly guessed three identities, while Ana Obregón and Javier Ambrossi have guessed four. This edition of Mask Singer has featured famous faces such as Feliciano López, Naty Abascal, Valeria Mazza, Tori Spelling, Bo Derek, and the first masked couple, Paula Echevarría and Miguel Torres.

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