Discover the Unmatched Gesture of Manuel Mijares as ‘One in a Thousand’

By: Ann Burdett

Published on:

“One in a thousand” Manuel Mijares has proven his uniqueness by offering a more inclusive concert for people with hearing disabilities. The singer was in charge of inaugurating the second San Luis Festival in Spring, which had more than 750 artists participating in over 80 events. This edition prioritized people with disabilities so that they can enjoy each of the acts, and Mijares made it possible.

Deaf or Hard of Hearing People Can Enjoy Concerts or Performances

Mijares wore a bulky vest during his performance that allows deaf or hard of hearing people to feel the rhythm of music through skin vibrations. The vest was provided to people with hearing disabilities so that they can receive the same concert experience as anyone else. The device was created by Fundación Viendo Te Entiendo, which aims to promote campaigns of awareness and health against hearing loss.

Prioritization of Disability Access in Upcoming Concerts

Mijares is not the only artist who will be part of this project. Upcoming concerts, including that of the singer Napoleon or the tribute to José Alfredo Jiménez, will also provide disability access to its audience. Furthermore, in each activity, concert, or play during the San Luis Festival in spring, there will be places designated for people with motor, visual or hearing disabilities, as per authorities.


Mijares’ inclusive concert has set a precedent for artists looking to make their performances accessible for all, and hopefully, it will inspire others to follow the same path. Disability access should not be a privilege, but a fundamental right, and the San Luis Festival in Spring is emphasizing just that!

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