Discover the untold story of Gabriela Guillén and Bertín Osborne’s unexpected romance and the thrilling revelation of their pregnancy

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Gabriela Guillén opens up about her pregnancy with Bertín Osborne

Gabriela Guillén, who is expecting a child with Bertín Osborne, has recently shared her thoughts on the pregnancy that has garnered much media attention. The couple’s relationship has been described by Osborne as “unwanted”, but Guillén remains optimistic and focused on her baby. She aims to maintain a cordial relationship with Osborne, her partner of one year.

A surprising pregnancy test result

Guillén revealed that she took a pregnancy test purchased from a pharmacy, and her initial reaction upon seeing the positive result was disbelief. The next day, she visited her gynecologist who confirmed that she was indeed pregnant. Guillén admitted to having mixed emotions upon discovering the news, with some feelings being less than pleasant.

The beginning of their relationship

The model shared the story of how she and Osborne first met during a photo shoot for the El Capote brand. She described the experience as “phenomenal” and revealed that their relationship developed naturally without any pressure or labels. They took the time to get to know each other and felt increasingly comfortable together.

A private agreement

Guillén explained that she and Osborne made a pact not to publicly discuss their relationship or pregnancy. They anticipated the commotion that would ensue once the news broke. Despite this agreement, Guillén expressed that she never felt excluded by Osborne. She even spent time with his family and friends on his farm in Seville.

Understanding the challenges

Guillén acknowledged that the situation has been difficult, as Osborne is older and values the calmness of his farm. She empathizes with his initial reaction but believes that they must accept and handle the circumstances with a positive outlook. Guillén encourages everyone involved to put on a smile and handle the situation in the best possible way.

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From these statements, it is clear that Gabriela Guillén is focused on her baby’s well-being and maintaining a peaceful coexistence with Bertín Osborne, despite the unexpected nature of their pregnancy.

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