“Discover the Warmth of CDMX: A Top 10 Welcoming City, as Rated by Booking.com”

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Booking.com Reveals the Most Welcoming Cities on Earth for Tourists

Booking.com, one of the most popular travel pages on the internet, has recently unveiled the most inviting and friendly cities on the planet for tourists. The rankings include San Sebastián in Spain, Porto de Galinhas in Brazil, and Mexico City in Mexico.

This year’s Friendliest Places on Earth span five continents and encompass hidden coastal paradises, rural destinations surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, and even a bustling Latin American metropolis, as revealed in a statement sent to Travel + Leisure.

“They have all been identified based on the share of associated accommodations that have received a Traveler Review Award 2023,” stated the online travel agency.

In addition to the cities, Booking.com also announced the most welcoming regions on earth, such as La Rioja in Spain, and selected the most inclusive destinations to explore, including Puerto Vallarta in Mexico and San Carlos de Bariloche in Argentina.

“It’s that personal attention to detail when checking in or sharing helpful tips for exploring the destination like a local, which shows how our partners appear and shine for travelers in so many ways every day,” said Arjan Dijk, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Booking.com. He also noted that a record-breaking 1.36 million travel providers received the Traveler Review Award this year.

Here’s the full list of the most welcoming cities:

– Polignano a Mare, South Coast of Italy

– Hualien, Taiwan

– San Sebastian, Spain

– Dresden, Germany

– KlaipÄ—da, Lithuania

– York, United Kingdom

– Ushuaia, Argentina

– Porto de Galinhas, Brazil

– Mexico City, Mexico

– Gold Coast, Australia

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