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Discover These Three New Directors and Revalue These Three Famous Directors: A Must-See List

Bafici, one of Buenos Aires’ most important film festivals, is back this week with over 250 films to be screened. The event is a celebration of the best cinema in the world, with a focus on independent filmmakers and hidden works. Rediscovering old films and discovering new directors is a must for any festival, and Bafici provides the perfect opportunity to do so.

This year, the festival features numerous first works, spotlights that invite revelation and short films that are often not broadcast. A few of the new and established names to watch out for include L’envol/Scarlet by Pietro Marcello, Passages by Ira Sachs, and Till the End of the Night by Christoph Hochhäusler.

For cinephiles, the festival will be a treat, as it showcases some of the best and most important filmmakers from around the world. Among the established names are Christian Petzold and Leopoldo Torre Nilsson. Petzold, one of the best German filmmakers in history, will present his latest film, Afire, a must-see feature that explores Germany’s past and its tension with progress.

Torre Nilsson, a key figure in modern Argentine cinema, will be honored with a screening of his 1957 film La casa del ángel, which has become a benchmark for subsequent generations. The film is a virtuous example of staging, language games and literary adaptation.

Bafici is an ideal place for film lovers and anyone interested in discovering and rediscovering cinema. The festival provides a unique opportunity to experience unexpected films from around the world and to engage in discussions and reflections on cinema. The festival runs from Wednesday to Sunday, with tickets available on the Vivamos Cultura website.

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