“Discover Three Elegant Hairstyles Presented by Teresa Bass That Are Easy to Achieve”

Midnight on Saturday 22 April marks the start of one of the most highly anticipated events in Seville – the April Fair. The iconic “alumbrao” signals seven days of dancing, horse-drawn carriages, and traditional clothing such as gypsy dresses and flamenco dresses, with flowers adorning hairstyles and manicures. To get a perfect Feria hairstyle, take inspiration from stylist Juan Diego Teo and influencer Teresa Bass who have recreated three simple yet beautiful looks that will make you gorgeous in Seville, Jerez, Malaga, or any other Andalusian event.

Undone braid for asymmetric dresses

Before choosing a Feria hairstyle, it’s important to select the clothes you will wear. If your dress is simple, then you have more freedom to choose elaborate hairstyles such as braids that can be decorated with flowers. However, if your dress is elaborate, it’s best to keep your hairstyle simple and go with a polished up-do. A flattering and easy-to-do hairstyle for Feria is the undone braid, which is perfect if you want to wear several flowers as a crown or if your dress has an asymmetrical neckline, like the jumpsuit that Teresa is wearing.

Romantic collection that softens the features

If you want to maintain the bohemian style during the Fair, then this look is for you. You can create it by starting from the previous braid, twisting strands to create a low bun with an undone look, and then fixing it with a pair of forks. Drop a few strands around your face to soften your features for a romantic look.

Polished bun, a classic that never fails

For a classic gypsy dress with long sleeves or ruffles, a traditional ballerina chignon with a central part and polished sides is the perfect hairstyle. To achieve a professional finish, follow Juan Diego Teo’s tricks, such as applying mousse throughout your hair and filling in the hollows of the hairline with eye shadow.

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It’s important to take care of your hair to keep it healthy and gorgeous during the Fair. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to prevent dryness and frizz, and apply hair masks or oils to keep it moisturized. With these simple Feria hairstyles, you’ll look stunning and ready to enjoy the week-long festival.

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