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Discovery+ Launches Docuseries on Controversial Politician Jacob Rees-Mogg

Discovery+ Launches Docuseries on Controversial Politician Jacob Rees-Mogg

The controversial British politician Jacob Rees-Mogg is set to have his own reality show, as confirmed recently.

Titled “Meet the Rees Moggs,” the series will air on Discovery+ U.K. and Ireland and will consist of five episodes, each an hour long. The show will chronicle the life of the former member of Parliament, who lost his seat last week, with particular focus on the period leading up to the General Election and its aftermath.

Produced by Optomen, the series promises exclusive access and a “fly-on-the-wall” perspective, offering an unprecedented look into Rees-Mogg’s life. Viewers will get to see him at home in his 17th century Somerset residence, where he lives with his wife and six children.

Rees-Mogg, known for his traditional dress and mannerisms, has often been the subject of memes. He has famously admitted to never changing a nappy, despite being a father of six children. “The nanny does it brilliantly,” he once said, adding that he has never pretended to be a modern man.

There has been longstanding speculation that Rees-Mogg aimed to transition from politics to media. This move mirrors other former MPs like Matt Hancock, who appeared on “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” and Boris Johnson, who returned to journalism after his tenure as Prime Minister. Rees-Mogg currently features on GB News, a network that has faced scrutiny from media regulator Ofcom for impartiality issues.

“Animals, children, an election and a film crew. What could possibly go wrong? This everyday story of Somerset folk is fun to film but may be a bit more ‘Fawlty Towers’ than ‘Downton Abbey,’” Rees-Mogg said about the series.

The series was commissioned by Charlotte Reid for Discovery+ and executive produced by Deirdre Dowling and Matt Reid for Warner Bros. Discovery. Nick Hornby serves as the executive producer for Optomen, an All3Media company.

Source: Variety, Deadline