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Disenchantment Season 5: Is the Netflix Series Canceled or Renewed?

Disenchantment is a famous American satirical sitcom. Created by Matt Groening, the series follows the story of Princess Bean, a girl with an alcoholic, rebellious, and adventurous attitude. The series premiered in August 2018, with its fourth season recently released earlier this year. All four seasons have been immensely successful and loved by the audience and critics alike. 

Currently, the fans are awaiting updates on the fifth season. Here is everything about it.

Is Season 5 of Disenchantment Happening? 

So far, the show has released 40 episodes on Netflix, featuring the adventurous ride of Bean, Elfo, and Luci as they travel around the kingdom of the Dreamland. The fourth part of the series landed on the streaming platform on the 9th of February, 2022. 

The streaming service is yet to announce whether or not the series will be renewed for the fifth part. But considering the vast number of cliffhangers the last season has left, fans will be surprised if their beloved show would not return to Dreamland for another round of mayhem. 

As per the discussions revolving around the show on social media platforms, it is expected that the OTT service will release some form of announcement in the next couple of months. In general, there’s roughly a year’s gap between each run of episodes. With Season 3 released in January 2021 and Season 4 in February 2022, the upcoming season may air sometime in the first half of 2023. 

Who Will be Coming Back for the Fifth Season? 

If Netflix announces the renewal of the series anytime sooner, know that the main cast will be back to voice their characters. The cast of Disenchantment includes the following. 

What Happened at the End of Season 4? 

After three successful seasons, fans were looking forward to watching the fourth installment of the series, and honestly, it did not let them down. 

Princess Bean is faultless in every way, and she loves her friends, especially the young Elfo and her demon pal Luci. But in the fourth season, the trio gets separated in Heaven and Hell. Princess Bean reunites with her insane father, King Zog, and her mother, Queen Dagmar. The importance of family and how it shapes one can be seen throughout the season, including the finale. 

In the finale episode, Bean encounters her evil self from her dreams, where the evil Bean pushes the good Bean to do something horrible for her to regain control of her body and enter physical reality. Zog and Odval search for Freckles, Derek, and Japer. In the meantime, Luci is seeking to release Bean while the evil Bean captures her in her visions and brings her to the real world. 

Bean returns to the real world, eager to destroy her evil counterpart, leaving other characters confused as they cannot determine who the real Bean is. Fortunately, Luci and others figure out the real Bean and kill her evil counterpart. But, as everything seemed to be going well, Dagmar and Satan showed up. 

Dagmar is dead set on killing Bean by tossing her off the tower as she falls into the ocean. But this was not the end. Mora comes to rescue Bean and puts her life on the line with a passionate kiss. In the end, things look more dangerous because the Dreamland has been taken over by Satan, the Lord of Hell, and Dagmar. 

What will happen in Season 5? 

The ending of the fourth season clearly left the audience in utter confusion and excitement for the fifth season. There are more questions than answers, and each of them remains unresolved. The good news is that these answers are likely to become the premise of the fifth season. 

The fans can expect the fifth season to explore Bean’s relationship with the mysterious fish lady, Mora, and her ongoing conflict with Dagmar. One can also expect to learn more about her newfound powers. In the fourth season, Bean was seen exploring a few of them, such as healing her father’s arm by waving her hand over eat and lightning fire from her fingertips. 

On the other hand, King Zog may once again find himself on a mission to rescue Ursula the bear woman, their lovechild Jasper, his other son Derek, Freckles the talking puppet, and Odval after all of them were captured and put on display in a Steamland freak show. 

Lastly, the fans may also witness the unfolding mystery of the Elves, Trogs, and Sea Trogs. It turns out that all three species are one and the same, and Dreamland was once their magical kingdom. It was after humans took over, the former was forced to diverge, with two different factions being transformed into Trogs and Sea Trogs after drinking the Sacred Goo – a precious liquid that apparently gives power to the savior. Expect this mystery to deeper further in the fifth installment. 

Can I Watch the Teaser for the Fifth Season? 

The makers have not announced the fifth season of Disenchantment. So, there is no teaser, trailer, or glimpse of the new episodes anywhere on the internet. In general, Netflix drops a teaser as a part of the release of date announcements. The full trailer, however, comes a month before the episodes air. 

Where can I Watch Disenchantment? 

While the makers are yet to announce the updates on the fifth season, you can stream the previous four seasons on Netflix in the meantime. 

Know These Interesting Facts about Disenchantment

The Story was Devised Many Years Ago 

Do you know that the roots of this sitcom date back 50 years? According to the co-creator, Matt Groening, “Back in high school, I used to draw a little comic strip for my friends called Tales of the Enchanted Forest.” It is when the idea of creating a story came into his mind. The execution, however, coalesced much later. It took 20 years for the series to get off the ground because earlier animation was a hard thing to do. 

There are Stories Behind the Characters 

There are different stories behind the protagonists in the series. For instance, Elfo is based on the very first character Matt drew in style in the fifth grade and looked almost the same without the elf hat. When drawing Elfo, he did not look enough like an adult. The makers wanted him to have romantic feelings towards Bean and other characters, but he looked like a little kid. To solve this problem, the makers gave him sideburns. 

Luci, however, is designed independently of the show in a completely different style. His appearance is unsettling, jet black, and completely flat except for her two big white eyes. 

A British Cartoon 

Disenchantment is a very British cartoon as there are many English-accented characters in the show. Although the location of the show was never released, the characters seem to hail from England, where they took extensive theatrical training. 

A Show Full of Easter Eggs 

One of the biggest hallmarks of every Matt Groening series is layers upon layers of jokes and references. Sight gags and dialogues alike allude to other media or are used to add more humor to the ongoing plot. Disenchantment is no different. It is a show full of Easter eggs. 

For instance, King Zog wears a crown as he is a king. However, it is supposed to look like a floppy hat-crown thing worn by Jughead in Archie comics. There is another scene where Prince Gusybert kills himself accidentally on a throne made of blades, giving it a Game of Thrones reference. In another attempt, the audience can often spot a man pulling a wooden cart full of dead bodies labeled ‘Plague Patrol’, a wink to the ‘bring out your dead’ sequence from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. 

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