Disgruntled New World players challenge developers to see if they really play their own game. Did they accept?

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A few New World players, unhappy with the MMO endgame, released a challenge to the developers at Amazon Game Studios to broadcast themselves playing this final leg to show that they actually played the game, and accepted.

As reported GameSpot, New World players started this petition after recent changes made elite high-level zones much more difficult than before. They wanted Amazon Games Studios to take this walkthrough to show a viable way to complete this tough task..

To the surprise of the community, Amazon accepted his challenge and published “New World – Myrkgard Dev Run“55 minutes in which 10 developers (including game director Scot Lane) are seen working on the requested walkthrough.

At first, the developers admitted that they weren’t as powerful as some of New World’s most dedicated players, but were nonetheless willing to face the dangers. Some hilarious mayhem ensued as these devs tried to reach the finish line, and they even shared some tips along the way like “keep your tank or bad things will happen” and “sometimes surrender is the best option”.

And they gave up. After a respectable fight and some playful punches to some of the teammates that attracted too many enemies, they gave up. Here you can see his epic:

This move has been well received by the New World community., showing that the Amazon Game Studios team is listening to their players and is willing to do what they can to make New World the best it can be. This gesture was even more positive when posted an update video for hour-and-a-half-long developers addressing other currently pending issues.

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It seems that the problems with the endgame will be able to be solved in a future patch. Let’s see if the developers themselves are able to complete this arduous task in the future.

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