Dishonored creator Weird West delayed for a few months

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Raphaël Colantonio said goodbye to Arkane Studios after releasing Dishonored 2 to the market, with the aim of founding his own independent studio, WolfEye Games. Together with Julien Roby, another of the veterans of the French company, he launched his new project, nothing more and nothing less than Weird West. It is a title set in a Fantasy wild west where monsters roam and curses spread. Unfortunately, it will not arrive in January as planned, because it has been delayed again.

Devolver Digital, the publisher of the game, has announced through a brief statement on Twitter that Weird West needs a little more work to polish the gaming experience. In this way, the production will not be seen in digital stores until March 31, 2022.

“Weird West is awesome (according to beta testers), but it needs to resolve some shaky moments (also according to beta testers),” writes Devolver Digital with his usual humor. “WolfEye Games has made something really special, so we want to offer you the best launch experience ”.

In the video, Colantonio himself maintains that as the experience may be different for each of the players and characters, there are many elements to consider. Therefore, they need to refine all the systems so that the operation is perfect from the moment it is launched on the market.

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Freedom in a world with a bird’s eye view

WolfEye Games has not neglected the Arkane philosophy when designing their worlds, although this time they have opted for a completely different artistic and graphic style. It sports a visual style similar to that of the comics and in a bird’s-eye view. The study has implemented procedural elements and a story that unfolds through different channels and with different characters.

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Weird West is out on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox Game Pass, PS4 y PS5.

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