Disney confirmed that Jungle Cruise will have a sequel

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Jungle Cruise had a hybrid theatrical release and Disney+ Premier Access with a successful passage at the box office: 187 million dollars raised worldwide and more than 30 million of that currency in its first three days of streaming. The film, based on one of the attractions in the Casa del Ratón parks, is a funny adventure full of humor that entertains in a healthy way.

Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson headline the cast of the original entry by Jungle Cruise like the intrepid Lily Houghton and the witty Frank Wolff. The researcher hires the captain to take her on his boat through the jungle in order to find a tree with magical healing properties. Together they will risk their lives along the way.

If Jungle Cruise 2

Disney gave the green light to the second entry of this adventure and the creative team in charge of the original film will be at the helm of the sequel: the director Jaume Collet-Serra and the person in charge of the script of the film, Michael Green. In this way, we can expect a well-connected continuity between the first tape and its continuation, of which much is still not known.

What will be the excuse to gather Frank Wolff with Lily Houghton again? Let’s hope the captain is present to help the brave scientist who does not hesitate for a second to risk her life when she has a goal in mind. The chemistry between Emily Blunt y Dwayne Johnson It is undeniable, something that adds to the continuity of this great adventure.

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In the meantime, when will it be available Jungle Cruise for free on the streaming platform Disney+ of Latinamerica? The film had a hybrid premiere, as was the case with the controversy Black Widow, hitting theaters and Premier Access at the same time. It is expected to be available for free next November 12.

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