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Disney Plus premieres the series ‘Spidey and his amazing friends’ this September 22 – MAG.

Wednesday September 22 Disney+ premieres the Spidey and His Amazing Friends series, the first full-length Marvel series for preschool-age boys and girls. Fantastic Super Heroes are best friends who work as a team as they face dangerous challenges with the help of their super powers like spider sense, super strength and wall climbing skills.

Spidey and his amazing friends present new and fun missions to complete, starring the Super Heroes Spidey, Miles Morales and Ghost-Spider, with a lot of action and ready to fight their enemies Rhino, Doc Ock and Green Goblin.

On the same day as the series premiere, the series’ opening song will be available on all digital platforms, including the Disney Junior Latino playlist. Regarding the premiere of the series, a toy collection developed by JAZZWARES and distributed by Suckot will be launched in Peru. The products will be available in the physical stores and digital platforms of Wong and Ripley from September 26.


Civil name: Peter Parker

After being bitten by a radioactive arachnid, Peter Parker becomes the friendly Spider-Man. Every day, she does her best to protect people because she knows that great powers come with great responsibility.

Miles Morales

Civil name: Miles Morales

He is the youngest member of the team. Miles is enthusiastic, funny, and loves drawing and painting almost as much as being a hero. Miles can become invisible with his ability to hide and uses his spider sting to put villains to sleep.


Civil name: Gwen Stacy

Ghost-Spider is the coolest heroine in town! When she’s not drumming, she can be seen with the team doing their part to protect the city from villains. His detective skills are second to none and he has a unique ability for espionage.

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