Disney presents its collection inspired by “Mickey and his friends”

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Within the framework of the global campaign “Mickey and Friends”, a group of local influencers were part of the audiovisual production presented by the collection in Peru.

Sofía Santaella, Briana Otero, Mateo Pueyo, Osiris Odhalys and Marcelo Frisancho are the young people chosen to participate in the video that highlights fashion inspired by iconic Disney characters.

In the video that presents the collection, the influencers transmit the values ​​of the global campaign “Mickey and Friends” to the audience with a positive message of friendship and togetherness.

Within the collection “Mickey and Friends” presented in Peru you can find polo shirts, t-shirts, jeans, board games, among others, inspired by Disney characters.

The products will be available from today in the physical stores and virtual platforms of Calimod, Tizza, OE, Ripley, Falabella, Pionier and SQZ.

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