Disney revealed the first trailer for Encanto: release date and more details

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For almost 100 years, Disney he surprises us with each of his animated stories. Over the years, these films have captivated audiences of different ages. Their deep stories always leave us a lesson, something to learn that excites us and reaches the bottom of our hearts as few films can. A well-known example is that of Toy Story or even that of Coco, released in 2017.

And this time he has just released the trailer for his new animated film. Is about Charm, a proposal different from all that promises to make us entertain and, logically, move us. We tell you all the details of the story and, of course, from when it can be seen.

Trailer for Encanto, the new Disney animated movie

As it happened with Coco, which is located in Mexico and is a tribute to the culture of the country, Disney chose with Charm do something similar with Colombia. Thus, history makes us fly to this beautiful place to enter and immerse ourselves in the adventures of a magical and exemplary family. Each little one has a special and unique gift except Mirabel. This will challenge the child to understand and discover who she really is.

The film is directed by Byron Howard Y Jared Bush, who also wrote the story with Charise Castro Smith. On the other hand, the account has the original music composed by the American actor of Puerto Rican origin, Lin-Manuel Miranda. And, furthermore, as if that were not enough, the Colombian singer Carlos Vives performs one of the songs from the soundtrack, which is already playing in the trailer.

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When Encanto, the new Disney movie opens

Encanto arrives in November (Photo: Disney)

Disney He has not yet confirmed the exact release date of this animated film. However, he announced that it can be seen from the month of November on Hispano-America. Probably, in the next few weeks, he will announce the final day. Meanwhile, in the United States, it is known that it will be seen in theaters on November 24.

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