Disney +: series and films premiere July 2021: Black Widow, Monsters at Work and more

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Disney + does not seem to want to loosen up in terms of weighty premieres – only with Marvel and Star Wars we have been going for months. And this month of July the thing paints a Triple A after another.

In the field of films, two that have been announced for a long time and that due to Covid-19 delayed their premieres several times. First we have the highly anticipated Black Widow / Viuda Negra, which recovers the character of Natasha Romanoff to give her – FINALLY – her own film, which becomes the first of the 4th Phase of the UCM after the Infinity Gems saga. A story in which the Widow will have to deal apart from the villain on duty, with her family, and especially with her sister.

The other is Jungle Cruise, new Disney film based on a Disney attraction -this is how the Pirates of the Caribbean universe was born-, and adventure film with a very classic aftertaste in which The Rock and Emily Blunt -the most recent Mary Poppins and who could not be the original Black Widow in Iron Man 2 for being ‘trapped’ in the filming of The Werewolf-, they look for a tree with healing powers in the middle of the Amazon.

And there is more, because we also have Partners and Hounds, remake of Tom Hanks’ iconic 80s film in which they put a pretty crazy dog ​​as a partner. And for the dads the Planet of the Apes trilogy, with a brutal performance of Andy Serkis unfairly not recognized at the Oscars.

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As for series, megaton, because in July it arrives Monsters at work the animated series based on one of Pixar’s most beloved IPs such as Monsters SA, and whose latest installment, Monsters University, premiered in 2013. The series tells the story of Tylor Tuskmon, a recently graduated rookie who wants to become a scarer, while recovering Mike and Sully, converted into senior managers of the company.

And they also come back Chip y Chop, the mythical Disney squirrels that many of us met with the animated series 80s of The Rescuers Guardians, which go back to their roots in Life in the Park. And we have Turning the tables, one of those much-needed series in which Robin Roberts Chat with pioneering women in Hollywood to tell their stories of overcoming and success.

In the field of documentaries, Summer of Souls is one of the most notable: Over the course of six weeks during the summer of 1969, the same as Woodstock, thousands of people attend the Harlem Cultural Festival to celebrate black history, culture, music and fashion. An event that was filmed, stored and forgotten for 50 years until now.


July 7

Monsters at work


July 14

My father, the killer of the zodiac

The race to the end of the world

Father made in the USA

The body of the crime

July 21

How to create an attraction

July 28

Chip and Chop. Life in the park

Turning the tables with Robin Roberts

Final warning

Life in pieces


July 2


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July 9

Black widow

Absolutely fabulous

Planet of the Apes

July 16

Origin of the Planet of the Apes

July 21

Partners and Hounds

July 23

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

July 30

Jungle Cruise

War for the Planet of the Apes


July 7

Legends: A review of the career in the UCM of Black Widow

Hip hop uncovered

July 21

Marvel meets Spidey and his super team

July 23

Playing with sharks

The secrets of the bull shark

Shark vs. Surfer

Shark vs. tuna

Shark vs. whale

Sharks and volcanoes

July 30

Summer of Soul


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