District 10 will be based on “an issue in American history”

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District 10 will be based on "an issue in American history"

Director Neill Blomkamp, ​​who had a great box office success with the low-budget movie District 9, stated that District 10 was inspired by “a subject in American history” and that it took a long time to make the second film because they had difficulty finding the subject to portray in the sequel.

Speaking to MRT after announcing that he was joining developer Gunzilla to make a multiplayer shooter, director Blomkamp said: recently announced 2009 sci-fi movie District 9′He talked about the sequel. In February, the director announced that he, Sharlto Copley and Terri Tatchell were working on a big-screen work. It seems that work in this direction continues at full speed:

“This script is still being written. It looks good for now. “It took 10 years to come up with the reason and the subject of making this movie instead of making a sequel.”

As for the director’s reason, South African history (mostly the Apertheid regime) set out to make District 9, while District 10 seems to focus on events in the US:

“There is one theme in American history that the moment I realized it would fit into the District 9 universe became a great topic to make a sequel to. So yes, development is underway and we’re nearing the end.”

Blomkamp did not give a clue as to what subject in American history he was talking about.

In 2009, MRT commented on District 9 as “A science fiction masterpiece that you couldn’t foresee” and gave the film full marks. gave 5 stars. “All the explosions, all the brutality, all the lasers, and the giant, fully equipped mechanized suits—all of which seem strangely completely authentic and what could really happen,” the assessment included.

It seems like it’s been pretty busy these days for Blomkamp, ​​as he’s in the process of this pandemic, apart from writing District 10 and working on his first game. He secretly worked on a horror movie. – Demonic will be released on August 20.

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