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DJ Khaled Accepts Golf Match Challenge from Jimmy Fallon

DJ Khaled Accepts Golf Match Challenge from Jimmy Fallon

Suddenly, golf challenges are all the rage.

Donald Trump recently challenged President Joe Biden to a golf match after the two argued about their respective golfing skills during the first presidential debate.

Now comes this news: NBC late-night host Jimmy Fallon will face rapper and record executive DJ Khaled in a golf match challenge Saturday at Lake Tahoe.

The match, “Fallon vs. Khaled,” will be held in conjunction with the American Century Championship, and will take place following Saturday’s round. NBC Sports will produce coverage of the event to air at a later date.

Fallon set the match in motion on Monday’s “The Tonight Show,” displaying several golf-related photos from Khaled’s Instagram page and noting, “I think I could beat him in golf. … DJ Khaled, I’d like to challenge you to a gentlemanly game of golf.”

Khaled responded on Instagram, then appeared on Tuesday’s show. After building up some drama, the two men stood. Khaled stared at Fallon and said, “I accept the challenge.”

The American Century Championship will feature more than 90 sports and entertainment celebrities at the Edgewood Tahoe golf course, July 12-14, with coverage on NBC, Peacock, and Golf Channel.

Source: NBC Sports, The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon