DKV pays tribute to health workers for their fight against Covid

DKV pays tribute to health workers for their fight against Covid

The Africa Directo Foundation, the Dr. Ignacio Díaz from Tuesta Revilla and the San Juan de Dios Hospital in Aljarafe have been awarded at the awards gala the VII DKV Medicine and Solidarity Awards which have been held at the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid.

For the first time in the history of these awards, benchmarks in the health sector, apart from the awards, 4 special recognitions have been given to the Collegiate Medical Organization, al General Council of Nursing, to Spanish Society of Internal Medicine Yet the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine.

According to him Dr. Josep Santacreu, CEO of DKV Seguros, «Since the first edition of these awards there have been more than 1,380 nominations, 25 awarded projects and € 230,000 in donations in recognition of the excellent solidarity work carried out by professionals in the Spanish socio-sanitary sector. With this seventh edition we want to continue betting on solidarity and we increase these figures significantly. This year they are very important because we celebrate this special COVID-19 edition and recognize 4 fundamental entities for the health of our country ».

The DKV Medicine and Solidarity Awards They pay tribute to those anonymous people and entities in the health sector who, in addition to carrying out their professional work, also work to support or promote solidarity projects, helping to change our society.

The winners

The Africa Directo Foundation has been the winner in the Solidarity Organization Award category, for a project to improve protective measures against contagion by COVID-19. It involves the manufacture of personal protective equipment and non-invasive ventilators from diving masks adapted by a team of Spanish doctors and engineers, successfully tested in Spain and used in centers in Africa and Central America, lacking protective material. anti-COVID-19.

Has collected the award his President, Guadalupe Martín Laborda, who stressed that “here it is true that we have experienced fear, anguish, but in Africa a respirator was a splendid luxury. Some of the projects we are in, doctors have to attend to a population like the community of Madrid. Thank you very much DKV for this award ».

The Dr. Ignacio Díaz from Tuesta Revilla has been awarded in the category of Award for the Solidarity Healthcare Professional by the Andalusia Breathe project, an initiative of health professionals to design in record time a respirator with long-term use capacity in ICU in COVID patients, which would be easy and fast to manufacture with industrial materials accessible by countries without industry capable of manufacturing respirators. The doctor explained that “in the critical situation of lack of respirators that we live in, people came together and we received support from institutions and public figures who came together to get respirators: thank you all!”

The Hospital San Juan De Dios del Aljarafe in Seville has received the Award for the Solidarity Digital Health Initiative for the program “Tele-Covid: humanizing and optimizing assistance in times of pandemic.” This hospital decided to offer home treatment for patients who did not require specific hospital treatment for those patients who felt lonely and distressed because of the coronavirus.

The VII DKV Medicine and Solidarity Awards have a financial prize of 10,000 euros for each of its three categories.

These winners have also received a trophy, one of the works of the Catalan artist Jordi Pallarés. The painter has selflessly donated one of his works for the creation of the trophy, the painting Mozart, 2005, inspired by laboratory blood samples and microscope plates, as a symbol of medicine and scientific research. Pallarés has exhibited his works on different occasions with the Integralia DKV Foundation.

Special recognitions

During the gala, 4 special recognitions were also given to the health sector for its management during the COVID-19 pandemic:

To Collegiate Medical Organization. For the special work done by both its active members and retirees. The recognition, collected by the Dr. Jose Maria Rodriguez Vicente, Secretary General of the General Council of Official Medical Associations, will be donated to the International Cooperation Foundation.

Al General Council of Nursing. For the special work done by both its active members and retirees. Florentino Pérez Raya, president of this council has collected the recognition that will be delivered to the Spanish Institute of Nursing Research Foundation.

To Spanish Society of Internal Medicine. For the project Doctors Against COVID. Recognition has been received on Dr. Ricardo Gómez Huelgas, former president. The financial award will go to the Spanish Foundation for Internal Medicine.

To Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine. For the project Doctors Against COVID. The recognition, which will go to the Semfyc Private Foundation, has been collected by the Dr. Salvador Tranche, President.

These 4 recognitions have an economic endowment of 5,000 euros to allocate to social projects of each of the aforementioned entities.

DKV understands that companies must go beyond economic benefits, assuming their ethical, social and environmental responsibility with society, through actions aimed at their stakeholders.

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