Do not miss anything: date and time of premiere of the sixth season of Lucifer

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This week will be special for fans of Lucifer, one of the most popular series on the streaming service Netflix, as the last episodes of the final season will arrive. Its protagonist, Tom Ellis, said goodbye when the filming ended and is preparing for the last batch of episodes, which will arrive next Friday, September 10. Look at what time it will be in your country!

It will be the closure of a story that in 2018 had been canceled by Fox, a news that fell very badly among fans due to an abrupt end. However, the platform was his lifeline and he decided to rescue it to take it to a sixth and final installment, which culminated its filming in March, where Ellis wrote on Instagram: “Thank you to all the crew members who have helped bring the Lucifer story to life. What a journey.”.

What will the sixth season of Lucifer? This is their official synopsis: “It’s over: this is the final season of ‘Lucifer’. Yes, now it is serious. The devil himself has become God … or almost. God, what will you do about it? Bittersweet time has come to say goodbye to Lucifer, Chloe, Amenadiel, Maze, Linda, Ella and Dan. Tissue stockpiling is recommended. “.

It will be the last of one of the most successful streaming productions of recent time, something that was demonstrated after the launch of the 5B installment on May 28. According to data from the Nielsen audience meter, the program reached 1.3 billion viewed minutes in just two days, a record that no one had ever reached up to that point.

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+ When does the sixth season of Lucifer premiere?

At the end of July, social networks surprised fans with the announcement of its premiere date. As confirmed at the time, the sixth season of Lucifer will premiere on Netflix on September 10. If you want to see the episodes when they are published and you are in Latin America, you must get up early.

+ What time does the sixth season of Lucifer come out?

Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Panama and Ecuador: 02:00 AM

Chile, Paraguay, Venezuela, Bolivia and Puerto Rico: 03:00 AM

Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay: 04:00 AM

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