Do you have a double? A man goes viral on TikTok for his identical resemblance to Prince Harry

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They say that each person has a double in the smallest corner of the world, and the prince harry seems to make this theory effective. The 36-year-old Duke of Sussex can easily ask Kevin Ganus to assist him in any event that he is unable or unwilling to attend. This man is a soccer teacher and coach from Arkansas, United States, and he bears a lot of resemblance to the husband of Meghan Markle.

Kevin Ganus has caught the attention of social media users after his 1-year-old daughter Mary Ganus mistook him for a recent take of Prince Harry on the cover of People. The video was posted on TikTok for Elizabeth ganus, the girl’s mother, and immediately went viral. In the midst of all the controversy that has arisen, People reached out to the family’s home in Arkansas to speak with them.

“It was such a big shot of Prince Harry, and I thought, ‘Oh my God, he looks a lot like Kevin,'” Elizabeth told the American magazine. “I’d thought about it before, but I was holding Mary and I was like, ‘Mary, who is that?’ and she said, ‘It’s daddy!’ ”she added. Kevin is so white with Harry, he has a beard and red hair and his father’s name is Carlos, like the father of the Duke of Sussex, Prince Charles.

Kevin recounted that “my parents lived in London for a few years, and I liked going to visit them.” On every visit he made to the UK there was always someone who mistook him for the grandson of the Queen isabel II. “Once I was at the airport, a lady came up to me. She was looking me up and down. She definitely thought it was Prince Harry, ”she recalled.

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Harry and Kevin are not only related to their resemblance and the fact that their parents have the same name and have lived in the United Kingdom. Due to life circumstances, they are both living in the United States and each has a girl. It is to be remembered that Harry and Meghan became parents for the second time on June 4 with the birth of the girl. Lilibet Diana.


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