“Doctor miracle”, Adin Külçe: who is the actor who plays Ali Vefa as a child

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"Doctor miracle", Adin Külçe: who is the actor who plays Ali Vefa as a child

Doctor Miracle”(“ Mucize Doktor ”) begins by telling the story that Ali Vefa He lived from childhood to become a pediatric surgery resident at Istanbul Berhayat Hospital. The childhood character of the famous doctor is played by Adin Külçe, a little boy who has managed to win the affection of the public and captivate them from the beginning in this successful Turkish soap opera. Here we tell you more details of a great actor.

“Doctor Miracle” tells the story of the young doctor Ali Vefa, who has autism spectrum disorder and Savant syndrome (sage syndrome) who tries to earn a position as a resident in the pediatric surgery team of the Berhayat Hospital in Istanbul. Due to his condition, as well as his enormous cognitive abilities, he stands out in his profession, although at the same time, he suffers the rejection of his colleagues.

Rejection has always been a part of his life. In his childhood, he was a victim of abuse and rejection, even from his father, but also, there have been people who have supported, protected and trusted him, such as his brother and his mentor.

Adin Külçe is the one who plays Ali Vega as a child. He was born in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2013 and is currently in primary school. His face, since he was a child, became the face of different advertising brands such as Bellona, ​​Eti, LCW.

Now, the 8-year-old boy is now popular for appearing on the TV series “Doctor Milagro”, which is sweeping the tune in Europe and Latin America.

In fiction you can see the boy with wavy hair, but his hair looks very different, according to his photographs posted on his Instagram account. Now it is straight and with a cut that slopes to the length.

In 2017 he won the casting to join the cast of “Doctor Milagro” for Fox and, after winning, he had to play little Ali Vefa. His character was that of the boy with autism and sage syndrome in his initial stage.

Adin Külçe to put together this personification of the child with autism and sage syndrome in its initial stage, had to prepare with psychologists to know well how to move and focus his gaze. However, he was not the only one who prepared for that role. In an interview, Taner Ölmez said that the preparation process was done with children with autism: “I sat among them. I don’t know how to explain what I felt after actually sitting next to them for an hour. “

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