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“Doctor Miracle” and “Hercai”: the dubbing actresses who work on both Turkish soap operas

Turkish productions “Miracle doctor“And” Hercai “have become a boom in different countries of Europe and Latin America, whose success is also due to the talent shown by their actors. But such an impact would not have been possible in countries like Spain or some in Latin America if there were no actresses with great experience in the world of dubbing.

Soap operas “Miracle doctor” and “Hercai”, Although they have conquered thousands of people with the stories that are related in them, they also have another thing in common and that is that two actresses of Chilean nationality have dubbed the voices of some of their characters.

Two of the biggest productions whose success has crossed the borders of Turkey are “Miracle doctor” and “Hercai”, But behind some of his characters are Spanish dubbing actresses.

The actress Cecilia Valenzuela, of Chilean nationality, she is in charge of dubbing some characters from successful Ottoman productions from Turkish to Spanish. She is 34 years old and has been in this type of activity for 10 years.

This is how Valenzuela interprets the voices of Gönül Aslanbey in the soap opera “Hercai” and of Belize on “Miracle doctor”.

Upon learning this secret, many of the fans have been surprised by the relationship between the two soap operas.

But these were not his only dubbing jobs, well, he was also in the soap opera “Sila, captivated by love “ where he was in charge of doubling the voice of the protagonist Sila herself.

But that was not all. Valenzuela also participated in the telenovela “Mother“Voicing Zeynep’s character; Meanwhile in “FatmagulHe did the same with Ebe.

Ottoman productions have another important voice actress as Camila Montecinos who could demonstrate his talent by playing Nazli Gulengul on “Miracle doctor” already Yaren Sadoglu in the soap opera “Hercai”.

Montecinos was born in Chile and has been in the field of dubbing and acting for many years.

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