“Doctor miracle”: what happened to Gülin and Muhsin, the photos of their happy future

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The last chapters of the telenovela “Miracle doctor”In Argentina, they generated great emotions among their thousands of followers, but they also left many doubts about the future of the characters of the Ottoman success. That is why at the end of this production it was also possible to see some clues about what happened with Gülin and Muhsin.

Considering that the doctor Ali Vefa and Nazli they start a future together and that, according to what could be seen through photos published on the different social networks, the protagonists of “Miracle doctor“They enjoy the passage of time and reach their old age, fans of Turkish drama want to know what will happen to the couple formed by Gülin and Muhsin?

The success of “Miracle Doctor”He got to conquer thousands of viewers with the story of the doctor Ali Vefa, interpreted by Taner Ölmez, who since arriving at berhayat hospital in istanbul goes through a series of positive situations and some not so pleasant. He will meet the doctor Nazli Gulengu who little by little will become someone special in your life.

In Argentina this telenovela was broadcast by Telefe; However, the Turkish success could also be seen in Peru, Spain, as well as Greece, Albania, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, among others.

Although two weeks have passed since the final chapter of “Miracle doctor”, A Turkish production that became one of the favorites in Argentina, the story of Ali Vefa and his colleagues at the Berhayat hospital in Istanbul continue to make people talk and continue to attract the attention of the television audience.

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Thus, its thousands of fans have invaded social networks looking for information regarding the soap opera and have more information about what could be a possible third season or have details of what happened with some characters.

Through social networks, some photographs of the couple made up of laugh, played by the actress Merve Bulut and Muhsin embodied by Serkan Keskin. In them it was possible to see that love enveloped them with its magic and they became a happy and consolidated couple.

But his story will begin, according to the photos, after the doctor proposed to the secretary of the hospital Berhayat. To do this, she used the hospital hall to declare her love to those who have conquered her heart by kneeling and showing her the engagement ring. This action he did in front of all the people.

After that, the couple gets to marry and you can see where the spouses celebrate their wedding with the traditional dance corresponding to the occasion.

During the final chapter of “Miracle doctor“The surgeon was seen, Muhsin who expressed his love to his beloved laugh. As part of the dialogue they held, he confesses an important detail to the receptionist and it has to do with not watching movies because they remind him of her.

Gülin, you and I could we? Is it impossible?Muhsin asks him.

There’s something I learned from Ali, you’ll see”, responde Gülin.

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