“Doctor miracle”, will it really end this Friday, November 5 in Argentina?

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What many people feared is happening. “Miracle doctor”Is in its final stretch on Argentine television, with great promises for fans of the Turkish soap opera, but also with great sorrow for marking the end of an era on Telefe.

Miracle doctor”Was released in April 2021, with such good results that the Argentine channel decided to leave it long in its prime time, over and above some original proposals from the medium. He even gave a space of the weekend and another in the morning to the story of Ali Vefa and, surely, it will retransmit the series at some other time after its imminent outcome.

Then, When will the last episode of “Doctor Miracle” be broadcast in Argentina? That is a curious thing. Telefe has not specified an exact date so far.

More than one fan of “Miracle doctor”I was afraid that the soap opera would end this Friday, November 5. However, according to , the last chapter will be divided into two parts that can be seen between Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 November.

What time Telefe will pass these episodes? The bet is as follows:

As the channel scheduled the premiere of the third season of “Masterchef Celebrity” for the same Monday 8, at 9:30 pm, Miracle doctor”Would be broadcast that day, and the next day, at 9:00 pm (local time). That is, the last chapter of the series can be seen in two blocks of half an hour.

After some final dramas, the denouement of “Miracle doctor” will be marked by Ali and Nazli’s wedding, the couple who were born in the hospital, unexpectedly. After all, Ali has the Austist Spectrum Disorder.

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At least until this Friday, November 5, “Doctor miracle” will continue at 9:30 pm (local time) on Telefe in Argentina.

For the Argentine public, the telenovela is also available on the channel’s digital platform.

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