“Doctor miracle”, “Züleyha” and “Hercai”: this week’s schedule by Telefe

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What hours are Turkish telenovelas on Telefe? “Miracle doctor” (“Miracle Doctor”), “Züleyha” (“Tierra amarga”) y “Hercai”Have become one of the favorites of the small screen in Argentina. Success has been resounding for the plots starring Ali Vefa (Taner Ölmez), Züleyha (Hilal Altınbilek) and Yilmaz (Uğur Güneş) and Reyyan (Ebru Şahin) and Miran (Akın Akınözü), respectively.

The ottoman productionsIn this way, they are broadcast from Monday to Friday on the aforementioned television channel. The phenomenon of this type of series has, as one of its greatest representatives, “Miracle doctor”, Which is about to say goodbye to the Argentine homes.

The medical drama, during the week ofNovember 8-12, will say goodbye with a grand finale. While “Zuleyha” and “HercaiStill going on with an intriguing plot of revenge, loves and fed up drama.

In this way, the followers of the Turkish Telefe soap operas they are always aware of the schedules that the fictions have during the week, in the event of any changes in the television grill.

The soap opera “Miracle doctor” (“Miracle Doctor”In its original language) is one of the most watched shows during the week, but it will have to say goodbye to the small screen in November.

In this way, the series starring Ali Vefa y Nazli will have the 9:00 p.m. on Telefe during Monday, November 8 and Tuesday, November 9, the day on which his grand finale of the Argentine television.

While the Turkish series “Hercai”, starring Miran and Reyyan, will have the 16:45 hours from Monday 8 to 12 November by the Telefe signal in Argentina.

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The production tells the love story of a couple who must fight against the past. The love and the revenge are the great themes of this fiction that continues to conquer the hearts of audiences internationally.

The Ottoman drama “Zuleyha“, also know as “Bitter land“, Will have the 17:45 hours, from Monday 8 to Friday 12 November on Telefe. The production has been broadcast in Argentina since January 28, 2021, with considerable public acceptance.

The television production is one of the biggest bets of Turkey, with a job of more than 500 people, who contributed to the setting of the decade of 70’s, from the clothes to the locations, and that has a luxury cast, in addition to the plot that has not ceased to amaze the world since 2018.

Doctor Miracle”Tells the story of Ali Vefa, a young man with an autism spectrum disorder and Savant syndrome, who becomes a genius in pediatric surgery.

As a child, Ali was abandoned by his father who gave him up for adoption. He grew up deprived through various orphanages, but despite difficulties he graduated from medical school with first place and got a job in the surgical unit at the Istanbul Berhayat Hospital.

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